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Rack Testimonials

“In our program time efficiency is key and Rack Performance provides us with the ability to match our workouts with the tempo of our practice. It allows coaches to teach more while athletes stay fully engaged in their workouts. This platform is a staple in our program.”

Billy Cardenas | S&C
Weslaco HS (TX)

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“Because of Rack Performance, the players are more engaged and know exactly where they should be in the training sessions and how they should be executing the lift exercise. This allows the coaches to coach technique and effort more effectively. I have recommended the program to all of our athletic teams because you can build it exactly for what you need.”

Pat Harlow | HC
JSerra Catholic (CA)

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“Rack Performance has allowed us as a football program to become more efficient in the weight room and has lead to more coaching and accountability.”

Todd Miller | HC
Pine Creek (CO)

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“I would whistle every single set, every single rep, because I wanted to control the pace of the weight room. But Rack Performance instead has taken that to a whole other level for us. It allows us to have great structure, the kind of structure we want in the weight room and dictate the kind of pace we want to work at every single day.”

Joel Applebee | HC
Mill Valley (KS)

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“Rack Performance has changed how we workout. We are an uptempo team, and this allows our offseason to mirror our in-season practices. Everything we do is fast, and Rack Performance is key to our success.”

Scott Pingel | HC
Christian Brothers (MO)

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To evolve in strength and conditioning you have to have a program design that properly utilizes time, and Rack Performance’s intersystem relationship with recovery makes it efficient and functional.

Brody Benson | HC
Highland (UT)

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