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We designed Rack Performance to give coaches an easy-to-use online tool for creating, customizing and tracking your strength and conditioning program. Our audio-visual timers drive weight room efficiency and tempo, empowering you to spend more time teaching and motivating your athletes.


In-room Audio
Visual Timers

Execute group workouts with 100% precision while spending more time teaching and motivating your athletes. Our audio-visual timers are adaptable to nearly any weight room set up and will direct your athletes to follow the sets, reps, percentages and tempo of your workouts exactly the way you want.

  • Displays time, sets, reps and weight all at once
  • Account for every second of every workout
  • Drastically increase teaching and motivating capacity
Lifting weights with Rack Performance timer
Now Featuring

Data Display

Save time and increase athlete accountability with our new Data Display feature. Automatically group athletes, and track who should be lifting and their prescribed weight at all times.

  • Displays individual groups with names of each athlete, their designated color for the workout, and the amount of weight
  • Maximizes workout accountability
  • Lets you go completely paperless without relying on student cell phones or tablets at every rack

Workout Management

Building and organizing your programming is a cinch with Rack. Never lose track of what programming you used in which year. With a growing Rack Community of 1000+ coaches, collaborating and sharing workouts is highly encouraged.

  • Easily build, organize and store workouts for quick access anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure continuity of season-to-season programming
  • Quickly distribute workouts to athletes and coaches
Rack Performance data entry on laptop

Data Management

Demonstrate individual athlete and program results visually to ensure that you are making the most informed programming decisions possible. Increase athlete ownership with data visualization that lets them follow their own progress over the time they spend within your program.

  • Increase athlete ownership of their progress with visual charts
  • Easily monitor programming effectiveness on groups and individuals
  • Increase competition with live customized leaderboard updates
Rack Performance screens on phones and large display
Industry Leading

Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is always here to answer questions and offer tips to help you save time and make the most of your Rack System. We consider our technology and our people to be an extension of your staff and pride ourselves on being your best assistant coach.

Tabre Oliver

Tabre Oliver
Support Manager

Rack Community

Join our online community and connect with over 1,000 coaches at more than 750 schools nationwide. We built this one-of-a-kind resource with you in mind, creating a professional environment to converse, collaborate and share workouts and ideas with other like-minded coaches.

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